Tuesday, March 30, 2010

M.M. Roberts Stadium History

The University of Southern Mississippi's M.M. Roberts Stadium was opened on September 25, 1976. So far the highest attendance record for the stadium was set September 5, 2009 at 36,232 when the Southern Miss Golden Eagles took on the Alcorn State Braves. M.M. Roberts Stadium was formerly called Faulkner Field from 1932-1976 when it was rebuilt and given its current name.

The stadium is currently affectionately known to the students and fans as "The Rock."

Superdome History

I found it interesting, on my way headed to the New Orleans arena yesterday, we walked past the superdome and I started to gain more of an interest in it. After asking questions to local New Orleans residents and a little research of my own, it became interesting as to what the Louisiana Superdome consisted of.

The Superdome construction began in August 1971, was completed in August 1975, and inaugurated on September 28, 1975. It actually costed $134 million to build this dome. It seats 69,100 people. The Superdome is home to the New Orleans Saints and sits directly in from of the New Orleans Arena, which is home to the New Orleans Hornets.

Cultural Exhibit Observation

The University of Southern Mississippi's "Dixie Darlings" are definetely a part of the university's history. The exhibit in the Centennial Exhibit room in the Cook Library, is a great way to find out about how they started and what the very first "Dixie Darlings" uniform looked like. It was actually donated by a woman by the name of Anne Larman who was from Pass Christian, MS.
It even goes as far as letting you know who actually made the uniform. The woman who actually made or sewed the uniform was named Sarra Farris, and she was actually from Hattiesburg, MS. This was all so interesting and I found it very relative to knowing more about my university and the people who make up it.